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    Akcja jest właściwie kontynuacją wymiany śrub (które mogą korodować przy drogach sypanych solą itp.) w układach wspomagania w milionach aut.

    Model S miał wezwanie dla 123 tysięcy aut.

    Taki Ford wezwał ostatnio 1 milion 400 tysięcy pojazdów:


    Ford Motor Co (F.N) said Wednesday it is recalling 1.38 million vehicles in North America for potentially loose steering wheel bolts that could detach, in an issue linked to two accidents and one injury.

    Polecam przeczytać np. ten:

    We are not aware of any injuries or collisions relating to the power steering component. However, we have observed excessive corrosion on the bolts that attach this component to the steering gear in affected Model X vehicles. This corrosion has been observed primarily in very cold climates that use calcium or magnesium road salts rather than sodium chloride (table salt). If the bolts fracture from corrosion, the driver may lose power steering assist. This would not prevent the driver from steering the vehicle, but it would require more force to turn the steering wheel, especially during low-speed parking maneuvers when power steering assist is at its highest use. Power steering assist decreases with increasing speed, so the driver may not notice a need for more steering force at highway speeds.

    The number of vehicles affected in the US and Canada adds up to about 15,000 Model X electric SUVs.

    Tesla will replace the bolts and apply a corrosion-preventative sealer in all affected Model X vehicles to account for the possibility that any vehicle may later be used in a cold, highly corrosive environment. The service will be free of charge. If any bolts are found broken on your vehicle or break during removal and cannot be removed, we will also replace your steering gear, again free of charge. Tesla will contact you to schedule a service appointment when parts become available in your region.