- That time of the year again, huh...
    A grizzled looking man lets out a puff of smoke, as he watches the hills bathed in the warm sunlight of the dawn.
    - Listen kid, I don' know what you did, or whose heel you've stepped on to get assigned here, but... T'is planet is a real shithole... And you're in it, dead center, in the eye of shitclone.
    You try to respond, but as soon as you open your mouth...
    - Oh, for Christ's sake, cut the new guy some slack, maybe it won't be that bad, this breeding season of them degenerates. - Another man cuts you off, this one's wearing a worn 2nd regiment outfit with the right sleeve torn off to accommodate his oversized bionic arm.
    - Won't be that bad? Last time you said those words, Jim, they've mangled you and left you armless, And now you can't even wank off without tearin' your dick off! - A woman, standing in the corner, angrily retorts.
    - You know I'm left handed?
    - Oh, sod off!
    - Stop yer squabblin' - grizzled veteran continues - I've been here for 40 years straight. Sometimes it won't be bad, bah, there were decades I havn't seen a single one of dem fuckers... But just look at the last year, everyone, HQ included thought it was 'unrelated' and now poor ol' Jimmy is left there wankless, an' we got two new graves in the backyard... Anyway, as I was telling ya, before dem two jokers cut me off, you're in a shithole. But it ain't that bad here, come with me to the armory, I'll give you yer stuff.
    You follow the sergeant silently.
    - Here's yer main companion in all this - MR2 Pulse Rifle - tears through them like hot knife through butter - he hands you down a bulky, heavy looking gun.
    - And here's your sidearm, MSA R15. Frankly speaking , it's not for them, it's for you when you start to turn and feel yer sanity slippin'... Come, let's go back to the cantine an' have one for the road.
    Once again you follow him, once again, silently.
    - I've never asked for yer name, what is it?
    - I'm
    Suddenly, a siren sounds. All lights above your heads turn to red and you see the color draining from the face of your mentor. He motions you to run as he speeds off himself.
    - Fuck me... sideways with... a pitchfork!!! They're early this year, earlier than everyone thought!!! Clench yer buttocks, we're coming right in!
    You pass the cantina, see the other two folks running as well, armed and ready. As you approach the gridlock door, sergeant puts a hand on your arm.
    -What you're about to see is the worst, the most vile creatures universe has to offer... Listen here kid, I'm not going to bet around the bush here: you're probably going to die. Just do me a favor and take as many of them with ye, allright?
    Gridlock opens... And you see..
    People? Maybe they were them once, but now there is hardly a shred of humanity left... Their faces contorted with anger, their limbs displaced, bending under the most bizarre of angles... Gridlock vault door is more than 200 meters away but you can faintly hear some kind of... Words?
    - Activate the sound dampening system, switch to hud text only!
    And suddenly the world is drowned in silence...
    You see the horde approaching, you see the guns blazing, you see their bodies fall... Yet you hear nothing.
    Letters flash on your screen, you grip your trusty rifle and shoot like your life depended on it. After 40 minutes of combat, the horde skitters away.
    - You live... Color me impressed... Come on, let's see whether there are any stragglers amidst the bodies.
    You follow sarge as he patrols the battlefield that was once the vault entry hall.
    - You see, dem fuckers grow sneakier every time. Once I even saw one pretend to be dead just to jump on...
    He can't finish as you're immediately thrown to the floor and grabbed by one of those things... You see it's dead face approaching you... And hear some muffled voice.
    - L͌͟i̲s̡͖ͬt̙̄e͡n͢ ̶̅h̡͓ͪe̵͉r̉e̙.̒͠.̩.̲̿͢ ̈́R͘e̲yͯ́ ͉̅i̒s̔ ͒͢a̽͞c̝ͨ̕tͨu̙̐a̎l̳l̇ẙ͎ ̷͇ṯͫh͂e̵ ̲dͥa̺̅͟u̠͗gh͞t̨e͎r͟ ̣́o̕f-ͪ҉
    A gunshot
    You see the smoking barrell of the rifle
    Sarge looks at you.
    - Did you hear anything? Did you see? Are you one of the Spoilers now?
    - ARE YOU?!
    Sarges finger tighten on the trigger, as he points the rifle directly at your forehead.
    - ARE YOU?!?
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