Dry hair, suggest you use a bit of hair care hair essential oil to protect hair silk, also can use a point protect hair element, moisturizing spray and DIY some hair product.Of course, the most important thing to do right now is to stop all the tammy hair.

    1. Conditioner.Choose a conditioner with a moisturizing and nourishing effect, and you can try the water-based conditioner, which helps the hair absorb its essence, strengthen the healing effect, and repair dry, damaged hair.

    2. Hair oil.Daily use of hair conditioner massage hair, can improve dry and damaged hair, hair half dry or full dry condition can be used.

    3. DIY hair care products.2 tablespoons coconut oil + dried lavender leaf + 2 drops lavender essential oil, mix them for 45 minutes, then remove the lavender leaves and start to use.

    4. Moisturizing shampoo.Shampoo is the most basic hair care product, but it is also important.After dyeing your hair to dry, remember to replace all your shampoo with moisturizing and nourishing effects.Try the family shampoos, and you can consider fujadya.

    Hair mask can deeply nourish the hair and restore the former moisture and luster.The hair film does not need to apply every day, once a week is OK, below to see which hair film is worth you to cut hands!

    Cogan's hair mask.This hair mask contains the ingredients of avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, lemon extract, hair scale repair factor, etc. It can be used for long-term use, and the dry and manic condition of hair tail can be alleviated.

    PHYTO repair hair mask.It contains 75% angelica extract, jojoba oil, South Africa, sweet orange oil with the guar bean oil and other natural ingredients, can deep nourish and moisten to rebuild the hair protective film, at the same time also can filter ultraviolet ray, let a hair quickly restore luster, elasticity and softness.

    Morocco's efficient repair hair mask.The hair mask can be used to rebuild damaged hair and repair damaged hair, and it will only take 5-7 minutes each time to restore the strength and beauty of the hair. Here are some of the hair-styles with Hair Sisters Wholesale

    Some of the girls feel like they're getting the oil once a week, but it doesn't seem to work, and the dry hair is still dry, and maybe you're not doing it right.Here's a look at how to do the right oil, and if it doesn't work, choose the various ways to do it.

    1, might as well send membrane or in the shower will be first treatment products apply on the hair, then wrap, and then go again with hot water shower, so hot water had steam heat effect, help hair absorb nutrients.

    2. When using the hair mask or the oil, it is best to have the steam at the same time because the heat can enlarge the space of the surface particles of the hair, making it easier for the hair to absorb the necessary nutrients.

    3. Finally, the girls should be advised to build the ends of the split ends, or cut the hair short so that the oil effect can be better.