Elon odpowiadał na pytania na konferencji SXSW, o Marsie, zagrożeniach ze strony sztucznej inteligencji i o swojej firmie mającej "zrobotyzować" mózg Neuralink, internecie satelitarnym i sieci satelitów Starlink, Tesli, tunelach/hyperloopie w Boring Company itd. Na koniec z bratem zaśpiewał "My Little Buttercup" z Trzech Amigos (The Three Amigos) #heheszki będą wniebowzięte "poziomem" wykonania tego covera ;)

    Znajomość angielskiego raczej wymagana.

    Kilka ciekawszych wypowiedzi Elona:

    "Narrow AI is not a species-level risk...Digital superintelligence is the most pressing existential threat right now."

    "Danger of AI is a MUCH bigger danger than nuclear warheads. By a lot."

    "[Digital superintelligence] is the most important thing that we could possibly do [right]."

    "Whenever you think you can have your cake and eat it too...you're probably wrong."

    "Most people are a LOT dumber than they think they are, like a lot."

    "The form of government on Mars will most likely be a direct democracy."

    "Keep laws short. Direct democracy. It should be easier to remove a law than to create one. 60% to get a law in place, 40% can remove it."

    "Emperor or God Emperor? I don't know" (on 'form of government on Mars' question, then:) "I have to be careful, some people don't understand irony"

    "Starlink is designed to provide low-latency, high-bandwidth satellite internet all over the world."

    "The tertiary layer of you will be the digital AI."

    "The AI should try to maximize the freedom of action of humanity."

    "[A good future is] a benign AI, we're able to achieve a symbiosis with AI."

    "[A good future is] A base on the moon, a base on Mars, building industry and have it be such that anyone can go to the Moon or Mars if they want."

    "The only thing that's really stressing me out in a big way at the moment is AI, and Tesla Model 3 production."

    "There's an unpriced externality in the cost of CO2....When things are not priced correctly, and something that has a real cost has '0' cost, that's where you get distortions in the market. Anything that puts carbon into the atmosphere, including rockets, there has to be a price. Put a price on carbon and automatically the right things happen."

    "Changing the chemical constituency of the atmosphere is going to have a bad outcome."

    "Take the set of actions most likely to support humanity in the future."

    "I think it's unlikely we won't have another World War at some point. I'm not predicting this....Given enough time, it will become more likely."

    "We want to make sure there is enough of a seed of humanity to bring humanity back, particularly on Mars...a war on Earth, the Mars base might survive."

    "There is some probability that humanity will enter another Dark Ages, particularly if there's a 3rd World War."


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