Lusterko z meduzą, Grecja 500–480 rok przed naszą erą

    "The head of the gorgon Medusa decorates the repoussé back of this hand mirror, which was made separately and then attached. An incised Aeolic capital decorated the top of the tang, which would have slotted into a handle made from another material. The front of the mirror was polished to produce a reflective surface.

    With her snaky locks of hair, tufted beard, and broad mouth with protruding tongue, Medusa stares out at the viewer, and the large eyes were once inlaid with another material, probably glass paste. The gorgon's head, with its ability to turn anyone who saw it to stone, was considered apotropaic, possessing the ability to ward off evil and bad luck. For the individual looking at themselves in the polished surface on the other side of the mirror, projecting Medusa's gaze would have repelled unkind or envious glances. "


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