To ta wypowiedź, która miała pojawic się o 23.30

    Eden Hazard - "I have made my decision. I'm still waiting like you are waiting and like the fans are waiting." (1/4)

    Eden when asked if he'd have liked his future to be cleared up earlier - "Yes I wanted that, but that's not happened. I've told the club a couple of weeks ago." (2/4)

    Eden when asked if Chelsea getting a top four spot made any difference to his decision - "No, I don't think so. I have made my decision, that's it I'm still waiting." (3/4)

    Eden Hazard - "We have a final to play and then I will see. I have made my decision but it is not just about me." (4/4)

    Jak dla mnie jasna sprawa, odchodzi, tylko czeka, aż Chelsea dogada się z Realem, lub ewentualnie na decyzję CAS w sprawie bana dla Chelsea.
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