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    39. On 1 of september without any previous knowledge I've started to learn polish.

    1) First month I was perusing any available textbooks, dictionaries, companions and courses.
    I studied how to read polish letters and how to pronounce your words.
    I've also learned some kind of 1000 most popular words, or whatever.

    2) After being bored for a month with essentials. I've dedicated this month to listening.
    I've spended slightly over 100 hours and finished 5 titles of audiobooks.
    It was a random choice mostly due to availability, but if you curious: Marta Krajewska Idź i czekaj mrozów, Henryk Sienkiewicz Pan Wołodyjowski, Joanna Chmielewska Wszystko czerwone, Andrzej Pilipjuk Kuzynki, Norman Davies Serce Europy.

    3) Since I haven't met a serious obstacles during first two months. I've decided that I'm ready to use my newly aquired knowledge.
    Following a short search I've registred on Wykop and begun to socialize. It went down not so well, as you all aware (it is another story, and won't be touched here).

    Parallel I find a solace in polish youtube, I've seen hundreds and hundreds of videos, not being picky, and viewing all that the service recommends.
    As of late my favorite channels with nor particular order (if you again curious) are: Alina Rose ; Nałogowe Czytaczki {Dagmara's hot} ; Tomasz Strzelczyk ; lectures with Tomasz Miller ; and the best for learning polish Polski z Anią .

    A special delight of mine is a polish ASMR, my guilty pleasure once a week (this genre never did it for me before, in my native russian it sounds to me like some slutty talk, in english its scripts are too stupid and alien, so surprisingly it turns out for a russian ear the polish ASMR has the best ballance of being not too strange in sounds and not too obvious in content simultaneously, by the way you may try russian ASMR may be it will have the same mesmerizing effect on you) so my selection in this category in an order of likeability this time will be: 1. Szepcząca w Sieci 2-3. Aga Vibes and Polish Gleam 4. K8ee {she's kind of sad lately}.

    4) For the coming fourth month my plan is to print and read two books in polish of some 300 pages each. But I have no idea about polish writings at all. I repeat a blank slate, tabula rasa. And you're guessing right, I am going to ask you for your suggestions.

    So the question is: Which book you would advice me to read in the next month, meaning it to be at least slightly intresting, and not too heavy on a slang or elaborate word play.

    Needless to say that as a russian with a three months exspirience in polish, I am confident enough that I'll be able to read pretty much anything, but still, please be reasonable in your recomendations. Thanks.

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