Nerf zysków z kopania, buff z combat? ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

    pokaż spoiler Aware that balancing isn't right
    Done in stages, continuous
    Mining first, start next week
    Combat next, start two weeks later
    "How much earned per hour, different loops, what risk, what reward, skill required"
    Core mining should be higher paying than laser mining, as more skillful
    Mining heavily linked to economy via commodities
    Galnet narrative driven
    Combat needs to be buffed, better rewards
    Wing missions not a focus yet
    Combat missions, bounties, bonds
    Conflict zones last
    Won't be a quick fix, will tweak and check data/feedback
    It feeling right to the player is what matters
    Been seeing all the existing feedback, videos etc
    Balancing is super important, on the agenda and a priority
    Incremental changes
    Discussions have been ongoing since after Arthur & Bruce joined FDev
    Skill and risk more rewarded
    Bulk sale to change to be fairer, average not minimum
    Rebalancing will be tied with the ongoing storylines
    Forum post later this week, roadmapping the rebalancing
    Implementation over the next weeks


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